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  • The Superior Committee of the Ministry and the conference of the directors
  • The Cabinet :
    • The Office of Central Order
    • The desk of information, reception and the public relations
    • The Office of establishment's sub-supervision of the Ministry
    • The Office of the follow-up of the decisions of the Cabinet, the restricted ministerial Advices and the inter-ministerial Councils
    • The Office of the Relations with the Citizens
    • The office of the tourist leisure activities
    • The office of the tourist upgrade
  • The General Inspection
  • The Direction of the Common Services :
    • Under direction of the administrative affairs and the methods
    • Under direction of the financial affairs and the equipment
    • Under direction of the legal affairs and the dispute
  • The Direction of the International Studies and the Cooperation
    • Under direction of the studies and the planning
    • Under direction of the International Cooperation