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Tunisian tourist trade faces most serious crisis

KASBAH (TAP/ SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 2011) - Tunisian National Tourism Office (ONTT) Director-General Habib Ammar said that the crisis tourist trade is facing is the most serious one in its history since its impacts are far greater than those of the Gulf War (1991), the effects of September 11 events and the Ghriba synagogue attack (island of Djerba) in 2002.


The sector revenues have dropped, up to last June 10, by 51% and the number of bed-nights fell, during the same period, by 55,3 %.


The number of tourists' arrivals dropped by 41%, he pointed out at the regular press briefing held last Friday by the communication department of the Prime Ministry. The ONTT Director-General reminded of the 53% decline in the number of European tourists and the 41% fall in the number of Maghreb tourists since the start of the Tunisian Revolution of last January 14.


He explained that the Ministry is working in co-ordination with the ONTT to help the tourism sector get out of this crisis through a variety of promotional campaigns intended for both traditional and maghreb marke