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Press Release

A formal statement from the government of Tunisia about the attack on 26 June and the steps it has taken to prevent further attacks wich UK tour companies can use to reassure their customers

1-Tourist Police Units have been armed and operational inside and outside any tourist area from 1st July 2015.

2- On top of the above, 1000 Security officers are deployed to enhance these measures.

3- Securing airports and border checkpoints.

4-Stationed and Patrolled units have been deployed on the beaches and in the surroundings of all the resorts.

5- Security around cultural and archaeological sites has been reinforced6- Implementing a tracking Security system of tours and excursions.

7- Strengthening of the supervisions of car parking areas for tourist vehicles in several tourist areas.

8- Running training courses for hotel security guards.

9 - Allocating essential funds to provide hotels with necessary surveillance equipment.